Become a Provider for the Children’s Long-Term Support Program
The ISRS Crisis Unit and La Crosse Police Department have begun to pilot a Co-Responder program, recognizing a need in the community to help further access and early intervention/prevention to those who struggle with mental health symptoms. Attached are a few links to press coverage on this new pilot program.
- Watch now: La Crosse police introduce co-responder program for mental health calls (
- La Crosse Police Department, county create mental health crisis response program (
- Newsmakers, July 30, 2021_Wisconsin Public Radio (
COVID-19 Related Funeral Expenses
La Crosse County Youth Justice and System of Care partner with local Law Enforcement and Youth Serving Agencies to work with youth using a “lightest touch” philosophy
- La Crosse Tribune article of "lightest touch" philosophy
- News 8 coverage of "lightest touch" philosophy
- News 19 coverage of "lightest touch" philosophy